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Total reaction cross sections for ⁸Li + ⁹⁰Zr at near-barrier energies

Pakou, A.; et al.

Total reaction cross sections for the radioactive nucleus ⁸Li on ⁹⁰Zr are reported at the near-barrier energies of 18.5 and 21.5MeV, derived from quasi-elastic scattering measurements. An analysis of the quasi-elastic scattering results is performed within an optical model framework using the BDM3Y1 interaction and total reaction cross sections are deduced. These quantities, appropriately reduced, are compared with previous data obtained in elastic scattering measurements with well and weakly bound projectiles on various targets and a formula for predicting total reaction cross sections with an uncertainty of ∼20% is obtained. Further on, the ratios of direct to total reaction cross sections are estimated for ⁶'⁸Li on various targets and are compared with CDCC or CRC calculations. The energy dependence of the optical potential is also discussed.

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